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Making a Will

It does not matter how old you are, if you own any assets, or have savings in the bank, then you should have a will. Making a will ensures that your final wishes will be legally recognised and your assets are passed on exactly as you choose.

Those who do not have a will leave possessions after their death in the hands of the government. The assets could then be split up against their wishes.

Why Making A Will Is Important

Your will determines where you would like your estate to go. This includes not just your home but your businesses, savings, cars, pets, jewellery and more.

For many people, the first thought will be that of their children when making a will. For those with children under the age of 18, parental responsibility may not be an automatic affair.  Although mothers automatically receive parental responsibilities and rights over their children, fathers don’t always. Archibald Sharp can draft a will to ensure that should the worst happen, your children would be both financially secure and have a suitably named guardian.

Failing to make a will can also have tax implications for those left behind. Not only will your estate be distributed by the government, this can also result in higher inheritance taxes. In making a will, you can ensure your family is protected after you are gone.

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At Archibald Sharp, our experienced and knowledgeable solicitors are here to help you in making a will.
You’ll not only be putting your own mind at rest but that of your family and friends in the future. Contact our solicitors today to guide you through the process of making a will step by step.