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What to do when someone dies

The loss of a loved one or friend can be a difficult time for any of us. For individuals who have been appointed as executors of an individual’s estate, the experience can be particularly stressful.

I’m an executor. What do I need to do?

The duties of an executor of a will start immediately upon death. Tasks will range from the registration of death with the local authority to arranging a funeral and considering how to manage the winding up of the estate. These can be time-consuming and complicated tasks. This is especially true for those who are also dealing with the loss of a close relation. Where someone dies ‘intestate’, that is without making a will, an application needs to be made to the Sheriff Court to appoint an executor.

Following this, confirmation will be granted, allowing the executor of a will to gather the assets of the deceased. The executor must then pay any outstanding debts and taxes before distributing the estate. There are prior and legal rights to be considered in the distribution of property. Furthermore, there may be claims made by creditors of the deceased.

For the executor of a will, the number of processes to be followed and paperwork to be completed can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Archibald Sharp can guide and advise with expertise and compassion. We’ve years of experience in helping families and friends deal with the death of a loved one. Our solicitors can help with paperwork, confirming assets and distributing the estate. We can take on all duties of an executor of a will and take this stress away from you.

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