Privacy Policy

As a solicitors and estate agents we know that confidentiality is very important. At Archibald Sharp we present a clear and comprehensive privacy policy to make sure you’re kept aware of how your data will be used and stored.

Visitors to our website and potential clients do not have to give Archibald Sharp any information, but if you’re looking to arrange a property viewing, request a quotation for legal services, have your home valued, or request a consultation then we usually require the below information:

First name

Last name

Email address

Phone Number

We ask for this data, so we can contact you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have about our services. If you request our services we may also add your email address to our database, which we will use to contact you occasionally about any promotions or changes to our website.

Please be aware we reserve the right to modify or update this privacy policy in any way that we see fit and at any time. If we make any changes, we will notify our users should we continue to make any changes.

If our privacy policy at any time breaches our terms and conditions or if you think that it’s inappropriate, we will go back to the original privacy policy where the data was first collected from you.


To gain admission to some of the more interactive sections on our site, we might implement ‘cookies’. These don’t store or provide admission to your personal data.


We offer assurance that your personal data is protected and will not be used for any other motive other than why it was obtained in the first place. Statistics data is only implemented for admission to pages already visited, with the intent of refining the content on our own site.


Your data is shared only with those associations who require it as part of working with us in our standard business practices. This is the only time where we would share the information. We will never disclose or discuss your personal data with other companies for their database or mailing list.


If our regulations or practices alter, we will ensure we reach out to you or put any updates onto our website. You will have the choice to opt out for any new policies if you want. Check our website intermittently and if you have any queries about how your information is being used contact us to have it resolved.


If you would like the data we have on storage, it can be accessed upon your appeal. If any of the data is wrong, or you want us to eliminate any of it then this can be implemented upon your appeal. If at any stage you feel Archibald Sharp is not keeping in line with the privacy policy then contact us immediately.