How Much are Legal Fees and Outlays?

If you want an idea of the legal fees and outlays you need to pay for your purchase, please use the calculator below.

Legal Fees and Outlays Calculator

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What’s Included in my Legal Fees?

We offer fixed fees for transactions which don’t normally change at the end.  The only time we would increase the fee is if there are unexpected complications during the course of the transaction.  Your solicitor will advise you of this as soon as possible.

Sale Outlays

It is part of a seller’s duty to show that they have a valid and marketable title.  We do this by obtaining various searches.  The main ones are noted below.  If you have an older style title, further searches may be required, and sometimes even a new plan.  Your solicitor will advise you if any of these are required.

Legal Report 

You need to prove you own the house and there is nothing that could stop you selling it (e.g. you are not bankrupt).

Property Enquiry Certificate 

This is a search in the Local Authority records.  It covers such items as any recent planning or building control matters affecting the property, the position regarding the road at the property, and any notices affecting the property.

Coal Report

If your house is located in a coal mining area, a search is required to show if there have been any issues caused by former works.

Outstanding Mortgage 

If there is a mortgage still shown against your title, this will require to be discharged.  There are registration dues that require to be paid to the Land Register to do this.

Purchase Outlays

Registration Dues

When we send your title deed to the Land Register there is a fee that requires to be paid.  The fee is based on the purchase price.  If you have a mortgage, there is a separate fee for your mortgage deed.

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT)

The purchase of all property transactions is liable to Land and Buildings Transaction Tax.  This replaced stamp duty.  The amount you pay is based on the purchase price.  If you are buying a second property, you may be liable to a second home tax (Additional Dwelling Supplement).  There are also some exemptions and reliefs, such as being a first-time buyer.  Your solicitor would be more than happy to discuss with you.